hi there i have no name1 and yes pronouns

i am in progress3 of learning how to code but hopefully maybe if the gods shine merciful light upon me i will make this webbed page look less like a sad little microsofttm notepad application window

in the meantime im gonna post insane things here maybe blog-ish and yes i have a diary but writing physically just aint it and writing in a sad little microsofttm notepad application window also just aint it if im being honest

until i figure out the logistics of making my own comment functionalities, i've created a guestbook on a different site :-) throw thyne words yonder, perhaps if you have some clever insults, or extraneous nouns you aren't using that i can borrow to ease my sisiphean struggle (namely, the slammage)

1 sadly websites usually require usernames to function so i had to slam some nouns together that i vaguely relate to and although i understand the practical uses of such things I do not personally believe in them. amen2

2 i don't believe in that guy either but i like his catchphrases

3 i've tried learning within the span of two singular bursts of motivation within the past year and neither have lasted longer than 2 days 3

4 i have unmedicated adhd